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 Posted: Jul 26 2018, 07:09 AM

Asteroid Dodging Administrator
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Tapatalk botched their conversion but it freed up two of the domains from when Zetaboards botched the conversion. All of these domains now link here.

Some of the less than primary ones may take some time or kick over (24hrs or so). This should help with google and bing indexing

"The Greatest Threats to Humanity are Comets, Meteors and Asteroids"

"Anybody who is not making forecasts, useful forecasts, about volcanoes and earthquakes, should be thrown out of public office."

"Well, Schwarzenegger is a sex maniac. He was the world's leading sex maniac. He was promoted directly from Ireland, but not from the Irish; and he was shipped into the United States to become the leader of California. And what he did is he turned the whole California into a bunch of degenerate sex maniacs, and they began doing it very quickly. What we're trying to do is get rid of the sex maniacs out of California"- Lyndon LaRouche
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