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Aug 10 2018, 10:49 AM
Another LCer passes away, in California


Melinda Rae Norris
AUGUST 26, 1942–AUGUST 1, 2018
Melinda Rae Norris was born on August 26, 1942 and passed away on August 1, 2018


Working at the army hospital near Denver during the Viet Nam war, she cared for our returning soldiers, receiving two awards from the army for her innovative work. She campaigned politically for many years for the SDI, and for mutually beneficial dealings among the US, Russia and China.

Ned Norris

August 05, 2018 | Canyon Country, CA | Spouse 

From what I understand, Melinda and Ned joined in Seattle and were shuffled around California for a long time. Field hands for the most part and kind , which is how it usually works.

We seem to have another level for life in the cult where you no longer have any sort of "safety net" for devoting decades and decades of your life to them. Members we have seen have resorted to GoFundME campaigns to pay for medical bills and to bury/cremate/hold services . I never could have imagined this being a part of every day life in the cult in my wildest dreams. it is blasphemy to even think of funding a retirement vehicle, savings, investments or anything because every month you have thermonuclear war or economic collapse facing you. Leaders in the LC seemed to have had access to more cash than others knew about and thus we find some owning homes or having a much different lifestyle. You also find that several leaders did not sign over their inheritance funds after their parents deaths. Life goes by real fast and one day you are well into your 70s and 80s with nothing.

This beautiful and generous woman, my wife of 30 plus years, died on August 1st in Santa Clarita, CA.
     An RN, her life's work included caring for soldiers coming back from Vietnam at the Army Hospital near Denver, and 30 years of volunteer political work, including in the campaign for the "SDI."

     She was always doing little things, an encouraging word, or giving a little gift to brighten the day for others.
     The final arrangements (cremation) are $2700 plus $1000 misc.

Thank you all,


LaRouche’s IDEAS have been massively influencing policy shaping at the highest levels, ever since Pres. Ronald Reagan publicly adopted the Strategic Defense Initiative, which was LaRouche’s concept to use advanced laser technology as a way to effectively disarm ballistic missiles. This completely shifted the insane MAD strategy of mutually assured destruction between nuclear armed nations, to one of mutually assured survival. The fake news media labeled it Star Wars, to make it seem like some sort of sci-fi fantasy, rather than a much needed program of developing new physical principles to defend the country, and create millions of new jobs from the spin-off technologies that would develop from the R and D phase of the SDI. ( The Apollo Project paid back $15 for every dollar that was invested in it, because of that same spin-off phenomenon.) The fake news media then spread a massive lying campaign (sound familiar?) against LaRouche, and Robert Swan Mueller III followed this up by railroading him into prison, illegally.

At the time Reagan adopted this policy, he also offered to share it with the Soviet Union, which turned him down, but then proceeded to secretly try to develop it on their own, which drove them into bankruptcy, caused the fall of Soviet Russia, the fall of the Wall, and the reunification of Germany after decades of brutal separation. It is the greatest of ironies that the excellent President Putin has now developed those new physical principles to enable Russia to defend itself against NATO missiles moving ever closer to their borders. It is also a great irony that some years ago, China adopted LaRouche’s policy of national banking and used it to build great infrastructure projects all over China, and direct credit into bringing over 700 million people out of poverty in only 30 years!

Dennis doesn’t like the concept of an idea, because you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can’t caress it. It is also of note that LaRouche’s call for the renewal of Classical culture is being looked at very seriously, since the shootings in Parkland. The Governor of Kentucky has correctly identified that we live in a culture of violence and ugliness, and THAT is the problem…not guns per se. Right after the shootings in Columbine, Colorado 20 years ago, Mr LaRouche identified this as cultural warfare against our children, when the image of Man, through popular music, movies and games, is so degraded that Mankind is no longer seen, or understand, as a creative, beautiful species, who can act in the image of the Creator to change his own environment for the better, and even participate in the ongoing creation of the Universe. These are powerful ideas!! Witness how they have changed the world, even though you can’t see them, and even though Mr LaRouche was railroaded into prison. (Thankfully he has been out for some time now.)

Young people all over the world are now taking classes on, and studying these great ideas of Lyndon LaRouche. So you see Dennis, all your strenuous strivings to destroy Truth and Beauty have been for nought. You are in the dust bin of History, and Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. will live forever.

Thanks for the space.

Comment byMelinda R Norris— March 11, 2018 @3:35 am   

No Melinda, it was not fake news that we borrowed tens of millions of dollars via promissory notes and screwed over our supporters. It was not fake news that you and Ed broiled at card table shrines for decades while tens of millions went to Club Ibykus , swimming pools and horses for Helga and about 13 million to various grifters and con man in Leesburg. Your NC was not as stupid as others and did preventive work with the contacts to head off potential complaints to the California Attorney General office. Yes, many young people are studying Larouche via the web which did not exist when you and others joined. They easily see what a cult we had and how criminal we were. They also can see the present day charade . They also see how Stalyn, who had thousands working for his life style will outlive more and more LCers each year. However, those now elderly LCers who passed away have outlived just about all of the elderly supporters whose investment funds and retirement funds were hijacked by us in what you think is fake news. Those supporters were not fake to me and thankfully, not to juries.
Aug 3 2018, 11:42 AM
Billy Davis was the running mate of Larouche in 1984 when we ran as an Independent candidate. Basically, we extended the money raising season. I was gald to learn a few years ago that he found some harmony in his life with his work with Loudon County .

When Billy Davis developed the program in Loudoun County 19 years ago, he noted: “Bees were the only constant thing in my life. Jobs come and go, wives come and go, but I’ve had the bees forever.”

Billy Davis to speak on Sustainable Beekeeping Jan. 15
Posted on January 2, 2016 by Jaimie Winters

Billy Davis will join us from Northern Virginia at our meeting on Jan. 15. and will be speaking on sustainable beekeeping and the importance of keeping beekeeping local.
Billy Davis is a Master Beekeeper (EAS) and Master Gardener from Northern Virginia. Billy is one of the founders of the Sustainable Beekeeping Program in Virginia. He will be speaking about the purpose and benefits of Sustainable Beekeeping, Swarm Management and Local Colonies.

Billy has been keeping bees in Northern Virginia for over 30 years; and in Mississippi for a few years before that! Billy will be sharing many of his learning and experiences, including tips for keeping bees happy and healthy.

This is a combined meeting of the Northeast and Essex branches.
The meeting will start 7:30 p.m. at Ramapo College, 505 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah in the Anisfield School of Business, Room 135S.

Here is a youtube video on Billy: 

We F'd over this man and his family more than you could ever imagine For now, we have his local obituary here to read.

Billy Marvin Davis

Billy Marvin Davis passed away peacefully on July 16, 2018 at the Adler Center in Aldie, Virginia.
Billy was born on April 22, 1938 in Bay Springs, Mississippi. He was the eldest son of Perry and Janie Davis. He graduated from Shady Grove High School in Laurel, MS in 1956 after serving as Student Body President and received the award as the outstanding high school senior in Jones County. He joined the Marine Corps and served in the reserves from 1956-1960 achieving the rank of Sergeant. Billy graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Education where he was recognized for his leadership and contributions to the School of Education by Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. After graduation Billy taught school, worked on the family farm and attended Jackson School of Law at night. He received his LLB in 1965 and practiced law in Biloxi/Ocean Springs, MS. In 1971 he returned to the family farm. During the next 10 years he became active in several agricultural organizations to protect and support the American farmer, lobbying at both the local and national level.

After the family farm was no longer a viable business, he resettled to Leesburg, Virginia in the early 80's, where he continued his commitment to agriculture through farm management, livestock breeding and teaching. He rekindled his love of beekeeping which he learned from his father into an educational program for new beekeepers which has grown into a statewide program educating over 600 new beekeepers each year. Through his untiring efforts, Billy led the development of a queen breeding operation to find a strain of bees that would be resistant to the parasites that are the primary cause of the decline of the honeybee population. This eventually led to the formation of a not-for-profit corporation, Sustainable Honeybee Program which continues his work. Billy is recognized as a Master Beekeeper by the Eastern Apicultural Society and has received multiple awards from beekeeping organizations for his efforts in education of beekeepers at all levels.

Survivors include four children Sheri Chandler, Scotchie Davis, Shannon Gregory and Stan Davis all living in Mississippi, 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. He is also survived by a sister, Linda Ann Overby and brother, Perry Mikell Davis.

A memorial service, presided over by Pastor Wesley Corber, will be held at 11 am on August 11, 2018 at Hall Funeral Home at 140 South Nursery Ave, Purcellville, VA 20134. Please visit their website, to express condolences or for further information.

A reception will be held following the service.

In lieu of flowers please consider a donation in remembrance of Billy Davis to the honeybee research program at EAS at or to Sustainable

Honeybee Program, Inc., P.O. Box 467, Alexandria,

VA 22313-0467. 

If there was one drop of decency in this criminal cult, they would give his extended family several hundred thousand dollars .
Jul 19 2018, 05:08 AM
There are many ex members and people who have some history with the different Larouche publications who can't help but wonder how the cult went from decades of being against and writing about The Donald's history with Roy Cohn for example and now shining his shoes daily. Cult researchers and interested parties should review this shift within the context or the National Organisation being head quartered in Manhattan from the 1960s to the mid 1980s when we relocated to Leesburg Virginia. A review of what we printed in New Solidarity, EIR, War on Drugs, daily briefings, briefings in the office , flyers and demonstrations in NYC and NJ which have anti Trump content is staggering. Indeed, the LYM and LYMettes who were not yet born during this era did read about how bad Trump is as the years went by and distributed the great EIR article by Barbara Boyd in August of 2015. This is still available on LPAC and EIR .

As this is being circulated, we had though 2016 the members gleefuly singing and posting their Opus "Don't be a chump for Trump". I believe that the cult has taken down videos that they put up, but it is still out there.

The cult removed the video from LPAC I guess, but the lyrics are still there from February of 2016.

A musical offering (& warning) to our fellow Americans: don't be a chump for Trump!

If you're voting for Trump, you're a chump, chump, chump!
Because Wall Street's behind is Donald Trump,
They are crashing the country into a dump,
Don't you BE another Chump for Trump!

Bankers created Hitler and they made Trump,
Look at dope-pusher Soros at the pump,
Lending hundreds of millions unto that lump,
Don't you BE, another Chump for Trump!

Donald's dad and attorneys are mob-connected,
Trump's no intellectual;
And his mentor Roy Cohn worked with F.B.I.
To blackmail homosexuals.
When a Nazi accomplice like Soros and the
Mafia can all agree,
Then supporting the Donald is proof you are
A fool who needs psychiatry!

If you want legal heroin, vote for Trump,
'Cause when Soros gives orders, Trump will jump.
He's a festering pustule on Satan's rump,
Don't you BE another Chump for Trump!

Mrs. Clinton sold out, she's a Soros frump,
Prostitutes for Obama on the stump,
Sucking dollars from Wall Street just like a strump,
Bu-ut NO! Don't be a Chump for Trump!

Bernie Sanders is Obama's greenie grump,
Stroking students and lefties on the stump,
Ben and Jerry's and Wall Street's organic schlump,
Bu-ut NO! Don't be a Chump for Trump!

If you push for Jeb Bush, you'll get smooshed,
And fascist Christie is a humpback fail,
If you choose for Ted Cruz, you will lose,
Wall Street buys its Republicans wholesale!

But the financial crash is on now,
We must shut down Wall Street immediately,
If you don't get Obama out now,
Then he will get us into World War Three!

You must impeach Obama and shut up Trump,
Congress needs to send Wall Street to the dump,
Passing Glass-Steagall now just might save your rump,
But you MUST refuse to be a Chump! 

Did something happen to cause this dramatic change in the cult that is hinted in the Steel brief and is being looked at by others?

This is from last August of 2017 and despite some questionable moments, is worth reading to perhaps answer this question. Mr. Douglas Caddy is featured as a prominent signer of the LPAC BRICS petition.


Attorney's file on Roger Stone, LaRouche and Russia influencing the 2016 presidential election
ByDouglas Caddy,August 22, 2017inJFK Assassination Debate

I am posting my legal file on this subject in the JFK Assassination Topic of the Forum because the events described within it initially came about when Roger Stone contacted me in 2012. He requested any information that I might have on LBJ, which I was pleased to provide. In 2013 Stone published his book, TheMan Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, which became a best-seller. In his book Stone credits me as a primary source for information, as is disclosed in the file. Thus, in a roundabout way JFK five decades after his murder is providing from the grave a nexus of how the 2016 presidential election was rigged. Don’t you think he is pleased at doing this?





Member, Texas Bar since 1979 and

District of Columbia Bar since 1970


Subject: Roger Stone, Lyndon LaRouche and Russia influencing the 2016 Presidential election

Date: August 22, 2017

This memo to the file brings up to date what has occurred since I sent my letter of December 10, 2016, to FBI Director James Comey and my subsequent letter of June 27, 2017, to Special Counsel Robert Mueller in regard to the above subject.

In my letter to FBI Director Comey I stated that “I knew Roger Stone of the Trump presidential campaign forty years ago in Washington. Because of this Harley Schlanger of the LaRouche organization, whom I also knew, earlier this year asked me to arrange a meeting between him and Stone. I agreed to do so. Such a meeting took place in February [2016]. I was not present at the meeting.

“It is my impression that as a result of that February meeting the LaRouche organization agreed to use its extensive Russian contacts to open up a back channel for the Trump campaign to communicate directly to Russian intelligence. This ultimately led to Russian intelligence hacking the emails of the Democratic National Committee, which became a major issue in the presidential campaign and continues to do so to this day. Stone may have played a role in Wikileaks being given the hacked emails for distribution to the public.

“Harley Schlanger and other LaRouche leaders interviewed Stone on a LaRouche radio program on a number of occasions during the course of the presidential campaign.”

With my letter to Director Comey I attached a number of emails that I had received from Schlanger and Stone on this matter. Relevant quotations from some of these follow later in this memo. In addition I sent copies of my letter to Director Comey to President Obama and CIA Director Peter Goss as a safeguard that it would not be deep-sixth.

After President Trump fired Director Comey in May 2017, which led to the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller, I wrote Mr. Mueller on June 27, 2017 in part as follows:

“On December 10, 2016, I sent the enclosed letter with its email attachments to FBI Director James Comey about the above referenced matter. I never heard back from him and hence I am writing you. My motivation in doing so is because I fear that our democracy was severely endangered by Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election.Alarmingly, this Russian threat is unabated. The continued existence of the United States as a free nation is at stake.

“Here is a brief summary of my letter to Director Comey: In January 2016 Harley Schlanger of the LaRouche organization contacted me to request that I set up a meeting for him with Roger Stone of the Trump Campaign. Their meeting was held in Austin, Texas, in February 2016. I was unable to attend but my impression is that as a result of that meeting the LaRouche organization agreed to use its extensive Russian contacts to open up a back channel for the Trump campaign to communicate directly with Russian intelligence.

“Since writing my December 10 letter to Director Comey I have uncovered the following information that may corroborate the contents of that letter:

“A month before Schlanger contacted me to set up the meeting with Stone, a LaRouche delegation sympathetic to Russia attended the RT anniversary dinner in Moscow in December 2015 where Premier Putin was seated next to General Flynn. For confirmation see the bottom of page 15 and top of page 16 of the famous Christopher Steele British Dossier. Schlanger may have been among those who attended. There are essentially five persons who lead the LaRouche organization today: Lyndon LaRouche (age 94), his wife, Helga, Jeffrey Steinberg, Harley Schlanger and Anton Chaitkin.

“Jeffrey Steinberg participated in an annual Economic Conference in Moscow in March 2016.

“In November 2016, Roger Stone interviewed Lyndon LaRouche on his radio program.

“I am writing you because you possess the investigative power and authority to determine if any of the information provided in this letter and my prior letter to Director Comey merits further investigation. It may or may not. As a private citizen I am in no position to make that determination. However, I believe it is my solemn duty both as a private citizen and an attorney who is a member of the District of Columbia and Texas Bars to call this matter to your attention.”

When I sent my letter to Mr. Mueller, I also sent copies of it to Senator Mark Warner of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Congressman Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee.


Here is the link to obtain update viewpoints from the LaRouche organization:

Three of the brightest and most knowledgeable persons I have ever met are Jeffrey Steinberg, Harley Schanger and Anton Chaikin. However, it is well known that Lyndon LaRouche is the ultimate decider on all policy matters and his word overrides those in the organization whose views may differ.

The Houston Chronicle of November 7, 1982, published an article titled, “The man who ‘perfected’ Marx: LaRouche collects money, works at making folks over ‘in my own image.’”

The article states that, “former members say LaRouche is omnipotent within the organization.” It further declares that, “According to his 1979 autobiography,The Power ofReason, LaRouche was born into a Quaker family in New Hampshire in 1922 and had only two friends until late in high school. He says the reason for his lack of friends was that his mental capabilities exceeded those of his peers….As a young man, he joined a socialist group where he ‘perfected’ the theories of Marx.’”

I find myself in agreement with some of the policies espoused by the LaRouche organization, such as constructing a modern, transnational “silk road” and reform of the U.S. financial system, including Glass-Steagall reinstatement and creation of a national credit institution for infrastructure and manufacturing. Where I vehemently differ with the group is its alleged role in assisting Russia in influencing the 2016 presidential election.This issue is paramount above all others.


I first met Roger Stone in 1975 soon after the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC) was created. Its chairman was Terry Dolan, a really nice guy who questioned the moral leadership of the conservative movement at the time. He was upset that republican Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina was driving around Washington, D.C. in a convertible with a young blond woman at his side. Charles Black, a key leader in NCPAC, was from North Caroline and was a protégé of Senator Helms, a racist demagogue if there ever was one. Stone was another leader. Paul Manafort was on the scene but not prominent in the organization. I was the organization’s legal counsel.

A short story will suffice in my finding out that Stone was a classic sociopath. On one occasion in 1975 Dolan, Stone and I had lunch together in the greater Washington area and had left the restaurant and were walking down the street. We noticed that on the opposite side of the street an elderly woman who suffered from severe curvature of the spine was walking with what appeared to be her two children, a man and a woman in their thirties. The poor woman’s agonizing bent over posture was such that her face was almost parallel with the sidewalk. When Stone saw her he immediately let out a yell of delight and began to walk and prance in the same way as the poor woman was doing. He did so while gesturing towards the trio on the other side of the street so as to attract their attention. I was so embarrassed and shocked at Stone’s gross behavior that I ran into a public garage in an attempt to distant myself from him. About twenty years ago I received a phone call from Fox commentator James Rosen (if my memory is correct) and who asked me what I thought of Stone. I told him about the above disturbing incident.

Charles Black, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone went on to form the political lobbying firm of Black, Manafort and Stone and what they all had in common was being sociopaths. Their quest was for power, access and money and the thought of what was best for our country never entered the picture.

In a sense I bear some responsibility for their rise to prominence. While an undergraduate at Georgetown University in 1958 I co-founded with a college friend, David Franke, the National Student Committee for the Loyalty Oath. We did this because there was no conservative movement in existence at the time and we thought we could start such a movement using college students. Senator Styles Bridges of New Hampshire brought us national exposure by endorsing our organization in a speech on the floor of the Senate. The following year, 1959, Franke and I founded Youth for Goldwater for Vice President, which was another major step toward building a conservative movement. Here is an account of what happened nextfrom the book by Professor John A. Andrew III,The Other Side of the Sixties: Young Americans for Freedom and the Rise of Conservative Politics, (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1997), pp. 217-218:

“William F. Buckley and Marvin Liebman met Douglas Caddy and David Franke, both of whom attended as representatives of Youth for Goldwater for Vice President. Together, these four men would turn their disappointment in Goldwater’s loss [at the 1960 GOP convention in Chicago that nominated Nixon] into a national conservative youth movement. Impressed by the passion of Caddy and Franke and their attempts to organize conservative youth in the past, including the creation of the Student Committee for the Loyalty Oath in 1958, Buckley and Liebman decided to mentor them. The loss of Goldwater for the Vice Presidential nomination convinced Buckley that young conservatives in the GOP needed to be fostered from the top down. He believed that young conservatives, with his guidance, could change the American political discourse. Consequently, Buckley hired Franke to intern at the National Review and Caddy worked for Liebman in public relations. Their first major task was to organize a national youth group for conservatives funded by Buckley. In September of 1960, on the Buckley family estate in Sharon, Connecticut, over 100 students from 44 different colleges and universities across the country assembled to devise a plan to capitalize on the growing conservatism of American youth and turn it into an organized political movement. The result created the Young Americans for Freedom, officially chartered on September 11, 1960, and the adoption of the Sharon Statement at the conference. In the Sharon statement, YAF articulated its critique of American society and proclaimed, ‘In this time of moral and political crisis, it is the responsibility of the youth of America to affirm certaineternal truths.’”

The founding of YAF in 1960 led to the birth of the modern conservative movement which occurred in the wake of a fantastically successful rally of conservatives at Manhattan Center in New York City in March 1961.

So Black and Manafort and Stone, sad to say, are ethically challenged by-products of the modern conservative movement which decades ago was taken over by opportunists and sociopaths. Stone was active in successfully rigging three presidential elections: In Florida in 2000 for G. W. Bush, in Ohio in 2004 for G. W. Bush and in 2016 for Trump. He has utter contempt for honest elections. Rigging is what he does.

Prior to the creation of NCPAC in 1975, Stone was active in the Nixon 1972 presidential campaign.

I was the Original Attorney for the Watergate Seven but did not meet Stone until three years after the Watergate case broke.

Liberals rejoiced with Nixon being forced to resign the presidency but the immediate result was the rise of the radical right with Black, Manafort and Stone being formed as a lobbying/PR firm and the extreme right-wing oligarch Joseph Coors founding the Heritage Foundation, headed by Edwin Feulner, and the Committee for a Free Congress, headed by Paul Weyrich

I left Washington, D.C. in 1979 and moved to Texas once I recognized the bizarre and dangerous direction that the conservative movement was coming to embrace.

Thus, it came as a surprise three decades later when in 2012 I was contacted by Roger Stone who requested that I supply him with any material in my possession on President Lyndon Johnson. This came about because I had been the attorney for Billie Sol Estes, LBJ’s silent business and political partner, in Billie Sol’s quest in 1984 to obtain a grant of immunity from prosecution from the U.S. Department of Justice in order that he could tell what he knew about LBJ crimes that took place before and during his presidency.

Stone’s praise-worthy best-selling book,The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, was published in 2013.

Stone’s book credits me as a primary source of information. For example, on page 214, he writes, “I did have access and the full cooperation of Billie Sol Estes’ personal attorney Douglas Caddy who supplied interviews, source materials and remembrances for this book.”

It was because of my contribution of information in 2012 to Stone’s JFK book that when Schlanger asked me in January 2016 to arrange for him to meet Stone I was able to do so.


I provided FBI Director Comey and Special Counsel Mueller with a large number of emails that accompanied my letters to them. Here are excerpts from a few of these:

In an email of Feb. 20, 2016, Stone wrote me: “Thanks for connecting me with Harley Schlanger – he is a great guy and shares our goals. I think we hit it off. I have a back channel to Trump and we are fighting the globalists.”

In email of May 5, 2016, Schlanger wrote me: “I have continued to work with Roger. He and I have done three radio interviews together, and I have set up several more for him, with my contacts. Obviously, he has played quite a brilliant role in the Trump campaign, outflanking completely the lead-footed GOP establishment. While I find some of what Trump says to be good, I’m still and not sure what a Trump presidency would mean.”

In an email of July 25, 2016, to Schlanger, I wrote after the GOP presidential convention:“Well, you picked an exciting time in Germany to find a new home there. On the other hand, the U.S. as you can see from afar, is an exciting place, too, these days as both major parties are melting down. Neither candidate is worth a damn.

“After watching Trump's acceptance speech, I realized what a dangerous and hypocritical man he is. He plans to turn domestic and foreign policy over to his VP Pence and spend his time making ‘America Great Again,’ which means acting out his narcissism on steroids. I have lost all respect for Roger Stone and realize my belief that he had changed from his sociopathic past was misplaced.

“Roger and his business partner Paul Manafort will undergo minute media and governmental scrutiny in the coming weeks for their past political and business dealings. Manafort is increasingly linked to being a back door to Putin for the Trump campaign. The whole scandal will get radioactive if the Intelligence agencies produce evidence of a tie there.”


I have no regrets in writing Comey and Mueller even though I have been regularly harassed for so doing by private detectives employed by an unknown person of interest:

I had a duty to do so because the on-going investigation is into felonious criminal activity. Here is the definition of Misprision of a Felony, which is applicable in my situation and governs my actions:

18 U.S. Code § 4 - Misprision of felony

§ 4.Misprision of felony

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645,62 Stat. 684;Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(G),Sept. 13, 1994,108 Stat. 2147.)

I do not know whether my two letters will lead or have already led to an investigation by Special Counsel Mueller. Only time will tell. However, this entire venture will merit an interesting chapter in my forthcoming autobiography:

PostedDecember 3, 2017 (edited)

[This article explains why I think Mueller is probing the LaRouche-Stone-Russia connection that was initiated in January 2016 after the LaRouche delegation attended the RT dinner in Moscow in December 2015 at which Putin was present. Mueller has a special interest in LaRouche because years ago according to  LaRouche he was the spear carrier for the Justice Dept. that sent LaRouche to prison.]

From the article: The emailed outreach from the conservative operative to Mr. Dearborn came far earlier, around the same time that Russianswere trying to make other connections to the Trump campaign. Another contact came through an American advocate for Christian and veterans causes, and together, the outreach shows how, as Mr. Trump closed in on the nomination, Russians were using three foundational pillars of the Republican Party — guns, veterans and Christian conservatives — to try to make contact with his unorthodox campaign. 

Lets take a look at this from Mr. Caddy

"I have no regrets in writing Comey and Mueller even though I have been regularly harassed for so doing by private detectives employed by an unknown person of interest:"

Message to the private detectives harassing me


Douglas Caddy
Super Member

Douglas Caddy
5,319 posts
Location:Houston, Texas

Posted July 3, 2017 (edited)
Message to the private detectives harassing me.

The message is that you are too late. I sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey on December 10, 2016, with copies to President Obama and CIA Director Goss. Enclosed with my letter were the relevant documents. I sent another letter on June 27, 2017, to Special Counsel Robert Mueller with copies to Senator Mark Warner on the Senate Intelligence Committee and Congressman Adam Schiff on the House Intelligence Committee. My letter to Mr. Mueller included my prior letter to Mr. Comey and additional relevant documents uncovered since December. My personal testimony is not needed by Special Counsel Mueller because my letter and the numerous documents provide all the information that I know and that he needs.

So you are too late. Your harassment of me is futile. I look forward to the indictments of those who employ you that might follow based on the information that I provided.

Edited July 3, 2017 by Douglas Caddy 

The Steele brief from Mr. Caddy's entry

Hmm. Jeff is as far as I can tell working with another Asia sector chap with Paul G in some production. Chaitkin appeared to vanish from the LC and seems more concerned with his personal life. Harley for a while sort of went to the fog with wife and family in Europe , but has roared back . Poor Dennis is clueless and Barbrara now claims she had an incredible blocking episode.

Maybe Barbara can do a "Time Line" to see what happened before, during and after she became a blockhead.

Originally posted on 2018-06-22 15:50:00
Jul 19 2018, 05:01 AM

We recently have had a new poster who wrote about how others are harmed by the cult. An entire book can be written about how much damage and destruction we have inflicted on members and supporters. There is no end as evidenced by this recent newspaper story about a LPAC card table shrine in Cos Cob Ct. I had to reread this several times to make sure that I understood what the cult was spreading here. The cult after 9/11 set up card table shrines at the WTC center and made a yuge effort to go into the 9/11 truthers conspiracy crazy house.

Now with the web and other social media, the Sandy Hook mass shooting is in a new level of crazy with a very disturbed grouping called "Hoaxers". The story of the "port o potties" is among a long running list of "proof" that this was all a giant FEMA hoax with crisis actors etc. These are very scary people when you look closer at them and have caused incredible distress to parents and relatives of the victims of the mass shooting .

This is a big part of Alex Jones and other conspiracy web sites that the cult lusts after for some money and potential recruits. Again, I had to reread this several times . This is not two strangers spreading lunacy beliefs about Sandy Hook and at one time they happened to get a Hamiltonian somewhere.

In Cos Cob, LaRouche PAC Activists Warn All Who Listen of Coup Against Trump


Donald Clark and Pat Servidio stationed outside the US Post Office in Cos Cob on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Photo: Leslie Yager

Volunteers manning a table outside the US Post Office in Cos Cob were hard to miss this week. With a giant poster featuring Donald Trump, Pat Servidio and his colleague Donald Clark in his red Make American Great Again hat caught many eyes.

For several days, the duo were stationed firmly on the sidewalk, but careful not to block it, spreading the word of the Lyndon Larouche PAC to anyone willing to listen.

According to Mr. Servidio, a lifelong Greenwich resident who retired after decades working for New England Oil, reactions were mixed.

Some stop and politely listen, he said. Others shout obscenities or worse, going as far as ripping up LaRouche literature and throwing it at Servidio and Clark.

For those who listen, the volunteers, who refer to themselves as activists, share Larouche’s four economic laws: 1. Reinstating FDR\’s Glass-Steagall banking separation act. 2. Returning to a national banking system as defined by Alexander Hamilton (versus the British monetary system) 3. Directing trillions of dollars of US federal credit towards high tech and high productivity employment, including the rebuilding of US infrastructure, and 4. Expanding NASA’s human space exploration program.

Asked about their support of Donald Trump, Servidio said the President’s past behavior is irrelevant.

“It’s character assassination on both sides,” he said. “When all these candidates were running, the Democrats would bring up the past, like with Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, and issues of character. But the bigger issue is the attempted coup against Trump, and they’re using the press to make stuff up.”

To illustrate his point, Servidio asked, “Where was CNN in 2003 when the Iraq War started? (Former British Prime Minister) Tony Blair pushed Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, and war broke out killing thousands of children.”

The LaRouche supporters say that in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, and in the Parkland, Florida shooting last month, the FBI knew what was coming, but turned a blind eye intentionally in order to use the media to create a groundswell of activism for gun control, with the ultimate goal of disarming citizens.

Servidio added that days before Adam Lanza fatally shot 26 people in Sandy Hook, CT, 14 port-o-potties had already been set up by the school.

“They roped them off and put up signs that said ‘Report Here,'” he said. “It’s fake. It’s their way to confiscate guns. They want people to have their guns taken away, and only the FBI and law enforcement to have guns.”

Servidio said the attempted coup against Trump originates in Britain.

“We’re going to do what the British tell us to do, and even invade Russia. They (Britain) are offering to work with the US on terrorism and arms control, and are saying Russia is a threat, when in fact Russia is key in fighting terrorism.”

“Stop the wars; support the President.” – LaRouche PAC activists

Servidio and Clark said that Christopher Steele’s dossier has yet to be verified.

“They’re trying to sink the President to keep him away from Putin, which changes the geo-political state of working with Russia instead instead of with the British. …The British are writing dossiers on leaders as a form of blackmail.”

And, Servidio said, “There was no hack on the DNC computers. It wasn’t the Russians. It’s just a handful of people running a scam against the United States – John McCain, Christopher Steele with his dossier, (former CIA director) John Brennan, (former FBI director) James Comey and Richard Mueller.”

“The worst thing is the media takes the propaganda and distributes it,” Servidio said. “How can they attack Trump when he opposed going into Iraq in the first place?” Servidio asked, adding that the goal of those against Trump is to take America into war.

“People slamming Trump and Putin are just pulling us into war, saying they are the war threat,” Servidio said.

Servidio said former FBI director James Comey is working for CNN.

“He’s pushing the Christopher Steele dossier, which is unverified,” Servidio said.

Of former FBI director Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 US elections, including exploring links between Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Russians, Servidio said, “Mueller in the 1980s ran the prosecution against LaRouche and used phony stuff then too. He’s an amoral legal assassin,” he continued, holding up a LaRouche PAC special investigative report with a suggested contribution of $20.

“I spread news of the future, which is massive infrastructure development,” Servidio continued, adding that China is a great role model for the US. “They’ve taken 700 million people out of poverty. They are working and supporting their families and adding to the future of China.”

Servidio said that in contrast, Americans are working more hours, for less money, and sacrificing family time on Sundays.

Servidio and Clark say that the premise of LaRouche, who is now 95, is to prioritize children and families.

“Years ago it was all about family time. Sundays lasted all day,” Servidio said. “This oligarchy said we have to destroy the spirit of the American family. …They want you to work on Sundays so that they can make more money.”

Servidio and Clark say that America doesn’t make anything any more, but that Russia and China are willing to invest in US infrastructure and take people out of poverty.”

Their flyer urges that the US join China’s infrastructure development project, New Silk Road.

“For stagnating industrialized nations, this is a critical opportunity for a new era of rebuilding, advancing and producing… the US needs to join this program for win-win global development,” states the LaRouche literature.

More information on the LaRouche PAC is available online.

LaRouche PAC

I can spend hours about law enforcement incompetence and laziness. I can spend hours talking about school boards and school security . I can spend days talking about military grade weaponry in the hands of civilians. But I can spend months reviewing what these sick people do daily to the families of Sandy Hook victims and the horrors being inflicted on them by these crazies. One can only imagine the further degeneration of this cult as we watch it in real time.

We have a genuine LPAC card table shrine in Cos Cob Ct with what to me look like their official banners and lit.

Pat Servidio has been featured on LPAC webcasts for years and years.

Donald Clark as far as I can tell has been with us for many years via Chicago. Hey, I just noticed Clark's red MAGA hat.


Filed: 1/19/2000 1:02 PM

Donald Clark in 2013 in Wisconsin.

LaRouche PAC member Donald Clark, center, shares the group’s views about current politics with former Baraboo Mayor Russell Will outside the Baraboo Post Office on Thursday as PAC member Anthony DeFranco waits for the next passerby. The men handed out literature encouraging the impeachment of President Barack Obama and talked with people about reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act. Clark and DeFranco said they were Chicago residents and worked from the PAC’s Chicago office.

There is a demographic of conspiracy people who are gun owners that love this stuff and I would guess the cult wants to get good with them . This demographic loved Obama with a Hitler Mustache for 8 years and is a proven money maker. Perhaps it is one more talking point for the remaining card table shrining whatever they believe in this week .

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Sometimes you can read an article and a few lines always stick with you because they summarize or capture the essence of something unexplainable. These two excerpts never seem to leave me when I run across anythng about Larouche and the cult.

First is an excellent article by Avi Klein in November of 2007

"...The LaRouche movement has been called many things: Marxist, fascist, a political cult, a personality cult, a criminal enterprise, and, in the words of the Heritage Foundation, "one of the strangest political groups in American history." More than anything else, however, what it resembles is a vast and bizarre vanity press.

The next one is from former member Dino De Paoli in his " My memories about the Larouches". The line is about what Lyn does to everything, which is "Larouchize" it and turn it into a fetish of sorts

...Among other things, the very first act was to write a “resolution” for the February 1989 ICLC conference to force the adoption of a “catholic” God. I intervened at that conference saying: “please do not do to God what you did to the golden mean”.

If you were around in the 1980s you would recall "The Golden Mean" phase.

To me, life in the LC found talented people and some very good ideas . However, that could not exist without the Lyn God Head. He made that clear in an early 1980s memo where he declared that nothing in the ICLC exists and no one exists without him and having everything lead to him gaining power, at that moment, the White House. Basically, if it does not involve him , then it should not and will not exist.

I bring this up because cult researchers and current LYM and LYMettes who are now approaching middle age cant' help but notice how so many ex members who left years ago have accomplished so much or done so well in their fields without the confines of a Larouche. A big part of this is because after they left, they left the cult but still had some ideas and principals/morals etc that were also free of having to worship Lyn. Take a lot of what we promoted like fusion or MAGLEV or NAWAPA or historical people like Brunescelli for example and you will see a common pattern where it does not take long for that to end up in a crazy 6,000 year plot and can ONLY exist with a Larouche name attached to it.

This is a fundamental cheap parlor trick of Larouche . Helga has developed her own parlor trick to keep a much smaller cult of personality by disguising it in members worshiping Xi who in turn is the offspring from both Lyn and Helga.

The same crazy, fetishistic envelope evolved with the C=256 tuning.

You can find plenty of discussion about tuning and music without the genocide of humanity taking place because of squabbles over tuning. The campaign for C=256 broke down to finding musicians and finding money and eventual Larouche praisers . This looks good and does come in handy with your boiler room calls to people who respond to classical culture and for ads with names to "Free political prisoner Lyndon H Larouche Jr."

I was casually reading my issue of The Absolute Sound that arrived in the mail a short time ago and was reading about a high end audio show in Colorado. Imagine my surprise when I saw C = 256 on the page and read about a fascinating product from an audio company in the USA that harvested this idea.


Other News: C=256

While RMAF was full of new products, few pushed the limits of the sonic horizon as completely as the new device fromSchiit Audiocalled theGadget. It’s not a DAC, preamplifier, or headphone amp, it is a device that can lower the pitch of any piece of digital music without altering the tempo. And why, outside of a recording studio, would anyone want to do this? Let’s look at musical history.

Currently C4 is exactly 261.63Hz, but it wasn’t always at that pitch. In baroque times A, which is now at 440Hz, was only 415Hz, which is almost a complete half-step lower than current tuning. Mike Moffat, Schiit’s digital designer, was doing some research when he came across the patent papers from Lloyd Loar, who was Gibson’s acoustical engineer in the 1920s. Loar was responsible for creating the modern, F-5-style mandolin. Mike noticed that one of the primary specifications for the F-5 mandolin was that the top was hand-carved and then “tap-tuned” to a frequency of C=256Hz, and that got Mike thinking about and then trying out the pitch-altering plug-ins available on the commercial market. In Mike’s words, “They all sounded like a**.” Schiit then hired a full-time employee with a PhD in mathematics to work on what was dubbed “the Manhattan Project.” It took over a year before the first version, which in Mike’s words, “Did NOT sound like a**,” was created. The current version went through several more revisions before production. Official release date and price are still to be determined.

The Gadget consists of a small box, about the same size as the Schiit Magni3 headphone amp, that is inserted into the digital SPDIF signal chain between the source and the DAC. It has one knob, a toggle switch, and one LED light. The knob adjusts the pitch downward, the toggle is a bypass, and the LED lights up when you reach C=256Hz. The Gadget can lower the pitch even more than C=256 so that if you have an older recording that was pitched above C=261.63, you can still lower to C=256. Many live recordings of bluegrass bands done in the fifties and even into the sixties are pitched higher than A=440 because they tuned to each other and didn’t go by tuning forks, so by the end of a tour a band could be over a full step sharp!

I spent a good chunk of time on Sunday listening to the Gadget and I was impressed. When I toggled between bypass and the pitch correction, the music with corrected pitch was more musical and euphonic. While the demo shown could only support up to 44.1/16, the final production one will support higher PCM bit rates. I look forward to adjusting and then listening to some of my favorite older live folk and bluegrass recordings through the Gadget. I may even, finally, begin to play along…

We now head over the Schiit company website and read more about this product and development.


A New Class of Audio Control: Dynamic Re-Tuning of Concert Pitch

October 6, 2017, Denver, CO.Today at RMAF, Schiit Audio previewed The Gadget, the first of a new class of "Music Signal Processors," intended to enhance the experience of recorded music. The Gadget dynamically re-tunes music to C=256Hz without altering tempo, and allows the user to change the re-tuning frequency and A/B the result. The result, many listeners report, is greater satisfaction with their recorded music.

“The Gadget has been described as a 'digital joint,' an 'aaaahhh box,' and a 'music immersion processor,'" said Mike Moffat, Schiit's Co-Founder and head of digital development. "Many listeners want to listen longer, and enjoy listening more, with The Gadget.”
The Gadget is the first product of a years-long research project into tuning and subjective effects, Schiit's "Manhattan Project." This research began when Mike Moffat began wondering why some older instruments—specifically banjos and mandolins—sounded better than their newer counterparts. This led to the discovery of “tap tuning,” and the increase in tuning frequency over time. After primitive pitch- and tempo-shifting versions were first developed in Summer 2015, Mike brought on a full-time Ph.D to develop new, proprietary, high-quality and efficient algorithms for pure pitch-shifting.

“This is not about mumbo-jumbo, mysticism, or conspiracy theories," said Mike Moffat. "The Gadget uses a 100% proprietary algorithm implemented on an Analog Devices SHARC processor, and it's unlike anything that's ever been offered before.”

Unlike some recent attempts to improve recorded music, The Gadget is 100% single-sided and does not require any encoding or decoding. It does not incorporate DRM of any form, including phone-homes, selective degradation, or device serialization and deauthorization. It does not require licensing fees from recording studios, artists, or end-users.

The Gadget being previewed at RMAF is a single-purpose, digital-in and digital-out device. Commercially available versions with multiple inputs are expected to be available in Q1 2018 at a cost of about $200.

About Schiit Audio

Founded in June 2010 by Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat, Schiit has grown into a leader in affordable high-end audio, with a wide range of products spanning DACs, preamps, power amps, and headphone amplifiers from $49 to $2299.

CanJam at RMAF2017 People I Love - Mike Moffat and his Gadget


Hooo boy, welcome to a rabbit hole. A good sounding one, but still...

Back in the days of Stradivarius, says Mike, instrument makers would tune middle C to 256Hz (A=430.54Hz instead of A=440Hz). This is sometimes calledVerdi Tuning or Scientific Pitch. Over time concert pitch crept up to A=440Hz, which puts middle C at 261.62Hz—37.5 cents (37.5/100 of a semitone) sharper.

“So what," you might say, "it's all relative.”

Maybe...maybe not. I don't know. What I do know is that we're all pretty wrapped up in our technologies, and it is possible we're a bit out of tune with the natural resonances of nature...maybe.

Well, Mike has made a little gadget literally called "The Gadget" that uses DSP to shift the pitch back down to the older tuning without altering the tempo. Gadgets like it exist, mainly to pitch shift vocalists back into tune, but Mike claims none are clean enough to do the job well. No firm price yet, but Schiit expects the Gadget will sell for around $200.

It made me think about equal tempered tuning in which the scale tones are derived from the division of octaves into 12 equal logarithmically spaced tones. It's equal tempering that allows pianos to play in any key. The problem with equal temperament is that the intervals aren't from derived from the natural harmonic series of overtones, so the fifths and thirds don't sound quite perfect and notes of chords can beat against each other making them sound a little ragged. Tuning to the harmonic series overtones is called "just intonation."

Barber shop and string quartets have the luxury of not being tied to frets and fixed tones, so they are able to use just intonation and you can hear the purity of harmonies distinctly. Wouldn't it be cool to do some DSP to correct for the errors in even tempered instruments? Well, if you want to see an evil genius grin on Mike face, watch it as I ask him if he's ever though of DSP to correct even tempered tuning to just intonation in DSP at 1:00 in the video.

Mua ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Watch mad scientist Mike Moffat give us some Schiit in the video.


From Wikipedia

....n 1988,Lyndon LaRouche'sSchiller Instituteinitiated a campaign to establish scientific pitch as theclassical musicconcert pitch standard. The Institute called this pitch "Verdi tuning" because of the connection to the famous composer.[10]Even though Verdi tuning uses 432 Hz for A4and not 430.54, it is said by the Schiller Institute to be derived from the same mathematical basis: 256 Hz for middle C.[11]The Institute's arguments for the notation included points about historical accuracy and references toJohannes Kepler's treatise on the movement of planetary masses.[12]The Schiller initiative was opposed by opera singerStefan Zucker. According to Zucker, the Institute offered a bill in Italy to impose scientific notation on state-sponsored musicians that included provisions for fines and confiscation of all other tuning forks. Zucker has written that he believes the Schiller claims about Verdi tuning are historically inaccurate. Institute followers are reported by Tim Page ofNewsdayto have stood outside concert halls with petitions to ban the music ofAntonio Vivaldiand even to have disrupted a concert conducted byLeonard Slatkinin order to pass out pamphlets titled "Leonard Slatkin Serves Satan."[13]....

I love this video about The Gadget at CanJam show.

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