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Yesterday at 01:15 pm
Roger Stone Tweet

I'm sure LPAC won't cover this, since Roger is their liaison to Trump and they wouldn't publish anything he might take offense to. But it does raise the question of why Roger loves a swastika symbol, might he be a closet Nazi lover?

The Space Force is incidentally Trump's proposed 6th branch of the military. Who are we going to be fighting, space aliens?
Aug 12 2018, 05:57 PM
According to the NY Times, Michael Hodgkiss placed seventh, or next to last in the Republican primary held August, 11, 2018 for U.S. Senate in the state of Hawaii. He got 5.6% of the vote or 1575 votes in a crowded primary with 8 candidates. See here: Republican primary results Hawaii 2018. It isn't hard to understand why he lost when you watch this televised debate between Mike Hodgkiss and the primary winner, Ron Curtis, Debate between Ron Curtis and Mike Hodgkiss. Mike comes across as uncomfortable (reading off of a prepared statement) ideological, doesn't give any personal background info on why he's qualified to represent Hawaii, or a statement that indicates he even cares about Hawaiians' interests. This is a case study of what happens when you run on an ideological platform that nobody cares about.
Aug 6 2018, 03:45 PM
LaRouchepac: Alexa_LPAC

EIR: Alexa_EIR

I was wondering if the recent talk about Africa development might have something to do with LaRouchepac's popularity in Sudan, where it is even more popular than in the U.S.

Some other interesting facts: EIR and LaRouchepac are more popular in Spain than Germany, and more popular in the Philippines than China. Also, Harley is a more searched name than Helga.

Both sites have a high bounce rate over 60%, most people only visit 2 pages and spend less than 3 minutes on the site, barley enough time to read a single article. Doesn't sound like they are doing a good job of changing hearts and minds.
Jul 24 2018, 02:08 PM
This speech by Al Green (D): Al Green Helsinki statement, days after Trump's Helsinki meeting with Putin prompted this response by Kesha: Kesha's response to Al Green. In it she criticizes Al Green for invoking MLK as if she only has the right to do this which is strange considering she's running against a black Congressman and campaigned for the impeachment of America's first black President, Barack Obama. She also attacked Green for supporting Wall St. which is also strange considering he cosigned H.R. 790: Marcy Kaptur's return to prudent banking act aka the Glass-Steagall bill in the Congress. What has Kesha done besides shoot off her mouth against Wall St., and defended a President that is backed by white nationalists? Is she really honoring the memory of MLK? If Kesha really supports Glass-Steagall, why not run against a candidate that doesn't support it? More, not less Democrats in Congress are needed to get H.R. 790 to the floor for a vote.
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